Shell brings Gordon Murray-designed OX flat-pack truck to India

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 08 Dec 2018

Global lubricant major Shell today showcased the Gordon Murray-designed (GMD) ‘OX’ at its marquee event 'Make the Future' in Chennai, confirming Autocar Professional's report on bringing the flat-pack truck in India by Q4 of calendar year 2018.

The OX, based on GMD’s flexible iStream technology, is designed to carry a payload of 1,900kg (approximately twice the capacity of most current pick-ups), which could include everyday necessities, medical supplies, building and agriculture materials. It can seat up to 13 people. The vehicle was envisioned by entrepreneur and philanthropist Sir Torquil Norman and designed by renowned automotive engineer Professor Gordon Murray.

The ‘Ox to India’ mission will showcase the capabilities of the vehicle for bringing low-cost all-terrain mobility to rural communities in developing countries.  The mission is a partnership between Shell and Gordon Murray Design , working in close alignment with the Global Vehicle Trust (GVT). This represents a crucial development stage of the vehicle, which was officially launched in 2016.  The flat-pack OX truck can be assembled from a flat-pack kit in less than 12 hours and transported in greater numbers to where it is needed quickly said Shell.

Nitin Prasad, chairman, Shell Companies in India, said: “Limited mobility restricts access to basic amenities in remote areas. Shell is eager to contribute to developing and promoting effective mobility solutions thereby improving the quality of life of people in these areas. The OX is a very promising technology having immense potential to broaden access to transport possibilities. We are pleased to partner with GMD and GVT and hope this versatile vehicle will be instrumental in transforming lives and overcoming daily accessibility challenges.”

The flat-pack design makes the OX the first-of-its-kind vehicle that is simple to maintain, having accessible components and fewer parts. It is ecologically sound, easy to manufacture, build and transport. 

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