Shell Advance Fuel Save 10W-30 launched for two-wheelers

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 19 Apr 2022

Shell India, a leading lubricant company launched the Shell Advance Fuel Save 10W-30, which it claims is engineered to enhance fuel economy and bring about savings. Priced at Rs 670 a litre, the lubricant is available in 1-litre packs across India.

According to Shell India, using the new lubricant will lead to savings of around Rs 2,500 annually for daily riders who clock higher running hours/distance on the road. Furthermore, the engine oil will also enable an increased range of 5km per litre on the same amount of fuel.

Debanjali Sengupta, country head, Shell Lubricants India said, "This product is a solution for value conscious daily bike riders for whom mileage or reducing the running cost is an important consideration amidst rising fuel prices. "

With Shell’s global formulation, Advance Fuel Save has been introduced in India in the 10W-30 viscometrical grade, which the company says meets highest specifications, including the American Petroleum Institute (API) SN and Japanese Automotive Standards Organization (JASO) – MA2 specifications. The Shell Advance Fuel Save 10W-30, blended with the Shell PurePlus Technology-derived base oils (known as Gas-To-Liquid or GTL) is engineered to give extra mileage of 5km per litre of fuel. Its molecules are uniformly sized and are easier to slide over when compared to conventional base oil with irregular dimensions. Its technology enables high temperature protection and no power loss at the end of 12,000km. The product keeps pistons and engines clean and provides superior wear protection while retaining horsepower.

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