SEG Automotive showcases innovative new product portfolio

by Nilesh Wadhwa 16 Jan 2019

SEG Automotive is showcasing its innovative offerings for light electric vehicles, in addition to its fuel efficiency improvement solutions for conventional ICEs at SIAT 2019 which opened today in Pune. They include its 48V Boost Recuperation Machine (BRM); Starter Motor - SC60; Baseline Generator; Starter Motor; Classic Line Generator; Power Density Line Generator and Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM).

SEG says the Boost Recuperation Machine (BRM) facilitates 48-volt mild hybridisation, which enables regenerative braking, storing energy that is later converted into additional driving power, delivering extra torque during acceleration and allows 'coasting' at high speeds with the engine turned off. Through the use of BRM, SEG claims fuel consumption and CO2 emissions can be further reduced by about 15 percent.

Sharing his thoughts on participating at the SIAT Expo 2019, Anil Kumar M R, MD, SEG Automotive India (pictured above), said: “The Indian market provides an immediate opportunity for electrification of light vehicles with relatively lower power demands. Our current product portfolio has good synergy with these power classes. With our deep understanding of the requirements of the Indian market, we adapted our products to meet the electrification needs of light vehicles: Our innovative e-motor system for three-wheeler e-rickshaw application is best in class in terms of its operating efficiency. It consumes less energy from the battery for the same driving distance, thereby resulting in increased mileage and reduced cost of ownership."

According to Anil Kumar MR, "The new SC60 Start/Stop starter motor is developed specifically with the Indian market in mind for smaller combustion engines. It is amongst the smallest of its kind in the world and able to fit in compact cars, but provides up to 1.2kW starting power. It was premiered in India recently by both Indian and international OEMs, with the development and application engineering happening in close cooperation between central R&D in Germany and the local team in Bangalore. The SC60 is an efficient answer to reduce pollution by decreasing fuel consumption and help OEMs reach the new, more stringent CAFC goals defined by the Indian government."

E-mobility solutions
The electric vehicle market is gaining momentum across the globe driven mainly by environmental concerns, but the shift will be a gradual one due to issues like range, production costs, charging infrastructure and a fossil fuel heavy energy mix. India, however, is right in the middle of a transformation when it comes to three-wheelers: over 1 million e-rickshaws are already on the road and providing efficient last mile transport free of emissions.

SEG Automotive is now entering this fast growing market with an e-motor, setting new standards in terms of efficiency and durability. The new efficient synchronous motor, co-developed between German and Indian engineering, is based on advanced technology instead of a BLDC (brushless DC) motor.

SEG Automotive says its new efficient synchronous motor , co-developed between German and Indian engineering, further amplifies the strength of the e-rickshaw in terms of its operating efficiency, thus increasing range and further reducing total cost of ownership.

Output power requirements of e-motors for light EVs are lower than for cars – the e-motor needs to be efficient and competitively priced yet reliable. The new efficient synchronous motor is technologically advanced through specific protection features like overload protection, and offers higher reliability and robustness to easily withstand the tough operating conditions of three wheelers.

SEG Automotive will manufacture the e-motors for three wheelers locally in India for the domestic and overseas market.

The SEG Automotive display is at Stall 49 at the SIAT Expo.

Photography: Kuldeep Chaudhari