SAE India’s SUPRA student formula competition draws 150 teams

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 20 Jun 2016

L-R: Prashant K Banerjee, convener - SUPRA SAEINDIA 2016 & deputy executive director (Technical), SIAM; RS Kalsi, executive director, Marketing & Sales, Maruti Suzuki India; and I V Rao, Advisor, Maru

The fifth edition of SAE India SUPRA, India’s biggest formula student competition, has proved to be an even bigger draw this year.

To be held at the Buddh International Circuit, Greater Noida from July 4-9, and supported by Maruti Suzuki India, the event has seen its 150 teams and 3,750 students participate this year. These 150 teams representing engineering colleges from across the country will create a virtual design, build a prototype and test their own formula-type race car.

As a year-long challenge across multiple stages comprising design defence, multiple rounds of technical inspections and actual construction of the vehicle, this event helps shape future engineers through fostering a competitive spirit. It encompasses all elements of vehicle building from aesthetics in design to the choice of parts, from structure design and modelling to fabrication and testing.

The students are guided and mentored by industry professionals and faculty advisers who are imparted training and guidance by technical experts from SAE India.

In sync with AMP 2016 and Skill India

Introduced in 2011 in India, SUPRA (abbreviated from super racing) aligns with the government’s Automotive Mission Plan 2016 and offers engineering students a platform to explore and demonstrate their aptitude in automobile engineering. It provides challenging and practical experience in manufacturing and production, while evaluating students on the profitability and market relevance of their prototypes. The student competition sees good support from the automotive industry, which is sending over 100 professionals from more than 25 companies to support the event in various capacities.

According to Prashant K Banerjee, Convener - SUPRA SAE India 2016 and deputy executive director (Technical), SIAM, “SAE India SUPRA has set a high standard in student formula competitions, with extraordinary support from the industry and academia. It contributes to the Government’s Skill India initiative, providing an excellent platform for skill development and enhancement.”

“This year, the students will be tested on a range of technical attributes in a mix of static and dynamic events by an experienced panel of judges, including experts from Germany and Russia. The team with the best overall combination of design and construction, financial planning, and performance on the track will emerge victorious,” Banerjee added.

Commenting on the competition, R S Kalsi, executive director, Marketing & Sales, Maruti Suzuki India, said, “We had first collaborated with SUPRA SAE India in 2011 to encourage budding talent in motorsports and engineering. To conceptualise, design, fabricate and run a Formula prototype car from start to finish, provides great hands-on experience. Through this effort, Maruti Suzuki is bridging the gap between academia and industry. We are confident this exposure will enhance the employability of young students in the industry and prepare them for challenging assignments.”