Raj Kalra, pre-owned car dealer

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 19 Jan 2022

Mumbai-based proprietor of a pre-owned car dealer, Raj Kalra shares his wish list for budget 2022.​

My business was hugely affected by the Covid, and in the recent past, the increasing prices for diesel and petrol have further affected my business. We have more walk-in customers for pre-owned CNG cars as the fuel is cheaper but I do not have enough models to meet their demand and give them options. Those who own a CNG vehicle are not giving up their cars.

Prior to Covid, I would get one or two enquiries for a CNG model but now I get even 10 potential customers for a CNG model in a day. If prices of diesel and petrol were to be reduced, I would be able to give my customers more choice but trying to interest them in a diesel or petrol vehicle. Looking at the situation from a customer viewpoint, they too do not get to buy a model they may want. 

That apart, I also think the government should offer concessions to people who scrap their cars and buy new ones. For a proprietorship, any laws to protect small players like us by way of tax sops would be most welcome.

As told to Brian de Souza.

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