Protectron Electromech develops high-performance EV fuses

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 14 Dec 2019

Karnataka-based Protectron Electromech, a leading manufacturer of electro-mechanical products, has launched fuses for electric vehicles that are claimed to offer complete system protection. The fuses are rated for DC voltages as high as 450V DC and currents upto 150 amperes.

The company already manufactures a complete range of blade and glass-type fuses and fuse accessories for automotive OEMs. The newly introduced EV fuses are compliant with both UL 248-20 and ISO 8820 Standards. These fuses have been designed to withstand interrupt currents as high as 10,000 amperes providing the utmost in safety and reliability.

Protectron Electromech says it has introduced these fuses in three current ratings (100A, 125A and 150A) all with the same voltage rating of up to 450V DC. Protectron says it can also manufacture other variations based on customer requirements and has complete in-house design and manufacturing capabilities. In addition, the EV fuses can be tested for time – current performance, transient response as well as lifecycle testing in – house as per ISO 8820-8 and UL 248-20 standards.

Protectron says its vehicle inlet charging connector can be deployed for public and private charging:
- 2 Nos of DC Pins with 60A continues current carrying for 85 minutes
- 3 Nos of AC Pins with 15A continues current-carrying for 5 hours
- 4 Nos of signal contacts (CP,PP,CAN+ & CAN-)

For EV Male/Female Connector (Battery Swapping system):
- 2 Nos of DC pins with 80A continues current carrying for 85 minutes
- 5 Nos of signal contacts (Earth,CP,PP,CAN+ & CAN-)
- Bi-Polar connector

The company, which has over 20 years of component manufacturing experience, says its connectors have already found their way into many new electric two-wheelers. 

It manufactures blade fuses of all types and their accessories for supply to major OEMs in India and globally.

Commenting on the foray in the EV market, Sachin Ujalambkar, CEO, Protectron said: “Protectron will enter the EV market with a highly reliable EV fuse and EV connector. Our EV fuse is a compact, lightweight component which helps  reduce accidental fires. We hope most manufacturers will include this extremely important safety device in their designs. The supporting infrastructure for charging also needs to be robust as conventional fuel options. Now the ball is in the government’s hand to plug and play.  It is a must-use solution for every electric vehicle. India is focusing on developing indigenous products and we have the right solution for new-age of secured / green transportation.”