Promoted | Pixy Electric gets Atal Innovation Mission grant

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 30 Jan 2021

Pixy Electric Cars Pvt Ltd is a pioneer in ‘Electric Conversion Kits’ for its wide range of passenger cars and military vehicles (Manned and Unmanned Ground Vehicles). The key technology is its state-of-the-art PMSM motor, which has been developed in-house because commercially available EV application motors are not compatible with the drive of an existing ICEV.

A pure EV, as an option to an ICEV, is not attractive enough for customers, given its higher cost. The electric powertrain has some unique characteristics which can be leveraged to give ‘something extra’ to the customer that will justify the extra cost.

Based on this strategy, the first market identified by Pixy Electric Cars was wildlife sanctuaries, where there is a strong need for use of noiseless, non-polluting vehicles that can operate under tough forest conditions. While no such EV is currently under production, Pixy’s converted e-vehicles are designed to operate under these forest conditions. They specially excel in climbing steep gradients effortlessly, noiselessly and safely, while tourists benefit from increased animal sightings.

Traditional ICE vehicles, when deployed on forest runs, consume excessively high quantities of fuel due to the operating conditions. By enabling considerable savings of fuel and thereby doubling the income of the tour operator, Pixy Electric has received seed funding from Science and Technology Park, Pune under the Department Of Science & Technology, Government Of India, ‘Social Innovation Award’ from PIC and Earth Care Award from JSW-TOI -KPMG. The Atal Innovation Mission Grant is the new feather in its cap.

The pull from this market alone is so high that a large number of customers have booked its kits by paying substantial money in advance. Pixy Electric has done extensive market research to identify more applications and has several aces up its sleeve such as ‘Electric Super Mini’ as well as ‘Electric Luxury Car’. Pixy also has plans to develop a number of special purpose vehicles.

Reaching the customer’s doorstep needs a nationwide dealer network. However, if a set of several loose parts are supplied to them as a kit, few dealers will be able or willing to convert a vehicle to electric. Pixy Electric has developed a ‘Per-Integrated EV Drive Module’ which replaces the engine as if it was an OEM-manufactured replacement part. Only hand tools are needed for installation. There is no wiring to be done. The system is simple ‘Plug And Play’.

“The time is ripe to launch our products with a bang. We are planning to set up a world-class manufacturing facility with reputed investors / JV partners. We have already received EOI from some Indian and multinational companies, which are under consideration. We hope to freeze our plans soon,” said Rajeev Ranadive, Chairman and Managing Director, Pixy Electric Cars Pvt Ltd. 

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