Passenger vehicle wholesales up 30 percent in 2021, UVs shine

by Brian de Souza 24 Jan 2022

Sales of passenger vehicles (in wholesales) for CY2021 barely crossed the 3-million mark to 30,82,421 units as against 24,33, 473 units in the previous calendar, according to data put out by the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers.

In keeping with the increased preference for UVs, the segment recorded sales of 14,19,649 units as against 8,97,416 units in the previous calendar. These numbers have to be seen in the context of the 2020 numbers that were affected by the Covid-19 which led to lockdowns and the closure of dealerships, on the one hand, and the supply chain having to cope with new safety protocols as well as stringent border controls.

In the CV segment, wholesales touched the 677,119 units as against 505,102 units in the year earlier period, an increase of 34 percent

In the two-wheeler segment which has borne the brunt of the pandemic as well as due to rural job losses and increased fuel prices, sales were at 1,44,69514 units as against 14,26,9821 units. As far as motorcycle sales go, the 2021 numbers were 96,16,578 units as against 94,59,970 units in 2020, up 16 percent. The scooter segment sales were largely flat at 43,33,928 units for CY 2021 as against 42,06,609 units in the previous year.

The export numbers for passenger cars, CVs, two and three wheelers were up over 2020 numbers  Quadricycle sales were not much to write about in CY2021 in the local numbers but export sales numbers were something to cheer about at 5,411 units as against 3,008 units in the previous calendar.

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