Orxa Energies’ e-motorcycle Mantis travels 7,000km in 28 days

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 03 Mar 2022

Bangalore-based EV start-up Orxa Energies has announced that two of its flagship electric motorcycle - the Mantis - have been ridden 7,000km in 28 days as part of its endurance feat travelling the Electric BharatMala.

This the start-up says is about halfway through the world record attempt of more than 14,000km and is the first time seven start-ups have come together to build an electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem to address the roadblocks in India’s journey towards green mobility. As of today, the riders, including an Orxa team member, have arrived at Gorakhpur on their motorcycles and, after a rest day, are expected to begin their journey towards Dehradun, and north towards Jammu. 

The Mantis is Orxa’s flagship all-electric performance motorcycle that was first unveiled in December 2019. It can attain top speed of 135kph, accelerate from 0-100kph in less than 10 seconds. A 9kwh battery provides the Mantis with a claimed real-world range of 200km per charge in the city and about 150km on highway speeds. The start-up says over the last 7,000km, the two Mantis have been tested through temperatures crossing 40deg Celsius, steep hill inclines, highway speeds, off-road, rain and other conditions. 

Dr Prawal Sabnis, co-founder, Orxa Energies said, ‘’We are excited to be a part of a group of ‘Made in India’ startups and collaborators to answer the many questions surrounding the EV ecosystem in the country. We are happy to be able to address range, performance, servicing, and charging anxieties for electric vehicles across different terrains, using the Mantis on this long journey. Having been part of the riding team, our expedition so far has proven the bike’s capability on a variety of road conditions. The forthcoming high-altitude regions, coupled with the sub-zero temperatures, will test the reliability of our electric motorcycles and the endurance of their riders alike.”

The Electric Bharatmala started on February 4, from Bangalore has covered key checkpoints such as Mangalore, Kochi, Kanyakumari, Chennai, Vizag, Guwahati, Dimapur, Kohima, and Imphal in the Northeast and other cities enroute. The last leg of the ride will undergo several long stretches along the Thar desert, and down to Goa. Multiple 400+ km/day stretches will be completed during this time. From Goa, the team will then set off on their journey back to Bangalore crossing the Western Ghats by March 29.

The collaboration, called ‘StartupnREV’ was conceptualised by John Kuruvilla and Gautam Khot, Mentors at Brigade REAP. The ride is being done on two Mantis motorcycles built by Orxa Energies, in collaboration with SpareIT for EV-ready spares and service, BOLT and Charzer for EV charging, and Pothole Raja, a civic startup with a target to fix over 1,000 potholes on this Bharatmala ride. The collaboration is also supported by Highway Delite, that’s coordinating the charging installations at hotels and CEAT shoppes before the riders reach their destination each day. As part of its agenda, the riders are visiting about 20 colleges to present the stories of these #MadeInIndia startups that are making this ride possible.

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