Ola Autos to come with protective partition screens and mandatory fumigation under RideSafeIndia initiative

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 24 Jun 2020

Ola, the country’s leading mobility platform has announced initiative towards ensuring safety for customers using Ola Autos as part of RideSafeIndia initiative. Under the initiative all Ola Autos will be fitted with a protective partition screen between the driver-partner and passenger section as an additional layer of protection to ensure physical separation.

Ola says it is committed to investing in this category and ensuring the hygiene protocols and screens are being used across over 120 cities where Ola Autos operate in. The company says it has set up a network of over 100 fumigation centres across the country to enable mandatory fumigation for all vehicles every 48 hours.

To ensure social distancing Ola Auto allows the customers to avail services at their doorstep making commuting convenient and hassle free for all. As part of its RideSafeIndia initiative, Ola has enhanced cleanliness protocols, implemented vehicle sanitisation practices and incorporated technological advancements, for Ola Autos at no extra charge. Ola’s proprietary selfie authentication technology will also ensure that driver-partners are wearing masks while serving on the platform. 

The company says it continues to drive ‘5 layers of safety’ across all Ola Auto rides, which requires both driver-partners and passengers to compulsorily wear masks, regular health checks for driver-partners and sanitisation of the exposed parts of the vehicle before every ride.  All Ola Auto drivers are equipped with hygiene kits consisting of masks, sanitisers and cleaning equipment. To ensure highest standards of hygiene and safety on every ride, all autos are fumigated thrice a week. A flexible cancellation policy has also been introduced to allow either party to cancel the ride if the other is not adhering to the guidelines.

Anand Subramanian, spokesperson for Ola, said, “Being ubiquitous to India, Auto-Rickshaws are one of the most economical and widely used means to commute in our country. With these added safety measures for Ola Auto, both driver-partners and citizens are assured of a comfortable and safe ride. Ola’s five layers of safety brings the assurance of a high-quality ride, with the affordability and access of Ola Auto as a preferred first and last mile mobility solution.”

Complying with the State government regulations, Ola Autos will operate with no more than one driver and two passengers.