MG Motor India targets emission cut via Asian Paints solution

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 02 Mar 2022

MG Motor India has announced that it recently become the world's first automotive brand to use Ultrax Degreaser, a liquid alkaline degreasing cleaner developed by PPG Asian Paints.

The degreasing pre-treatment chemical launch aligns with the OEM's focus on making sustainable mobility greener, leading to a CO2 reduction of 787 tonnes per annum. In addition, MG Motor India says it conserves energy through low-temperature phosphate (Versabond) and high throw low cure cathodic electro coating paint, leading to a CO2 reduction of 325 tonnes per annum and approximately 388  tonnes per annum, respectively. These new technologies will support the company to enable a cumulative CO2 reduction of 1,500  tonne per annum.

Ravi Mittal,  director – Manufacturing, MG Motor India, said, " PPG Asian Paints' Ultrax and Versabond have helped us unlock temperature reduction in the pre-treatment process at the PTCED line, contributing to substantial energy conservation. This has further increased the efficiency of our operations and reduced our overall costs. We are thankful to PPG Asian Paints, for helping us substantially reduce CO2."

Anurag Sahai, COO, PPG Asian Paints said, " The partnership with MG Motor India is a significant step forward in promoting energy conservation, and we are delighted to be a part of the brand's sustainability initiative."