MG Motor India, Exicom partner for second-life use of ZS EV batteries

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 26 Nov 2019

MG Motor India, which is all set to launch its first electric vehicle the ZS EV SUV, partners with Exicom Tele-Systems for second-life use of ZS EV batteries. Under the partnership, Exicom plans to re-deploy MG ZS EV batteries at the end of their useful life with the car and put them through a controlled process of evaluation, disassembly and repackaging to design custom battery packs for non-automotive applications.

The new partnership with Exicom is aimed at dispelling reservations around the disposal of used EV batteries. The OEM says the re-use of discarded EV battery packs will reduce the dependence on the limited resources. These battery packs can be used in a host of non-automotive applications such as home inverters, commercial & industrial UPS and renewable energy storage.

Speaking on the partnership, Rajeev Chaba, president and MD, MG Motor India, said, “Over the past few months, we have worked towards creating the right ecosystem for our customers ahead of the launch of the ZS EV, including charging infrastructure and busting common myths around EVs. Another question which people have is ‘what happens to the EV battery after the product lifecycle ends. Our latest partnership focuses on second-life applications for used EV battery packs, to ensure environment-friendly battery disposal will only serve to bolster the country’s progress towards this critical objective.”

Anant Nahata, MD, Exicom Tele-Systems said, “We are extremely delighted to associate with MG which is focused on harnessing the EV ecosystem in India. Making electric mobility mainstream is one of the biggest challenges and opportunities we face. E-mobility also represents an important opportunity to overhaul our energy infrastructure and make necessary investments in renewables and new grid technologies.”

MG Motor is reaffirming its plans to 'define and lead' the electric mobility space and the partnership aims for a hassle-free ownership experience for EV customers. In August 2019, the carmaker had partnered with Delta Electronics to establish AC chargers in private parking space to enable a hassle-free charging experience to the customers. The MG ZS EV is scheduled to debut in India on December 5, will also be made available for self-drive and rental on Lithium Urban Technologies' platform.