Maruti Suzuki expands True Value pre-owned car network to 200 outlets across 132 cities

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 25 Feb 2019

In a bid to make the pre-owned car buying experience more attractive, Maruti Suzuki India has re-launched its True Value with a new brand and retail identity, offering what it says is “enhanced customer experience through transparency in selling and buying of pre-owned cars.” 

Since re-launch, the new True Value network has expanded to 200 outlets in 132 cities across the country. The new True Value network, with a large display area, has seen this rapid expansion in less than 19 months of its launch.

The independent True Value outlets come with contemporary interiors with large display area along with a dedicated relationship officer. The new True Value mobile app and website are designed to make the customer journey easier, enabling a customer to view available True Value cars across the country and select their choice for a test drive. After arriving at the outlet, customers can compare a wide range of cars at one go.

According to RS Kalsi, senior executive director, Marketing and Sales, Maruti Suzuki India, “The pre-owned car market is rapidly growing, and customers are putting their trust in organized players for their needs. With the upgrade of Maruti Suzuki True Value showrooms, customers can avail a better experience, better products and a hassle-free journey of car buying”.

Maruti says intelligent digital interfaces are used to evaluate and certify the cars. The information generated from these processes helps the customer to transparently know about the car in detail. Every car’s ownership and servicing history are verified at True Value while there is also a comprehensive 376 quality check-point study. Evaluators at True Value use a digital application to assess every car on multiple aspects. These include engine, suspension, brakes, electrical fittings and equipment, transmission and steering control, to cover car’s complete health, and reduce chance of error during evaluation.

After digital evaluation and refurbishment, every car is certified digitally at True Value. If the car fulfills the necessary parameters, it is branded as True Value Certified car. A True Value Certified Car comes with upto 1 Year Warranty and 3 free service.

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