Maharashtra cuts VAT on petrol by Rs 5 a litre, Rs 3 on diesel

by Ajit Dalvi 15 Jul 2022

In what will bring some relief to motorists in Maharashtra, the government has reduced its VAT (Value Added Tax) by Rs 5 on petrol and by Rs 3 on diesel.

As of the midnight of July 14-15, motorists in Mumbai, which is the costliest of the metros in India for fossil fuels, will pay Rs 106.31 for a petrol litre and Rs 94.27 for a diesel litre, down from Rs 111.35 for petrol and Rs 97.28 for diesel two days ago. Within Maharashtra, the city which has costliest petrol, even after the latest VAT reduction, is Aurangabad at Rs 107.93 a litre and diesel at Rs 95.88 a litre.

Those who tank up on petrol in Mumbai pay Rs 9.59 more per litre than their counterparts in Delhi, 28 paise more than the Kolkata motorist and 3.68 less than their Chennai brethren. When it comes to diesel, the price of the fuel is higher by Rs 4.65 per litre compared to Delhi, by Rs 1.51 compared to Kolkata and by 3 paise compared to Chennai.

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