Lohia Auto enters diesel 3W segment with Humsafar passenger and cargo model

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 11 Jul 2018

Lohia Auto Industries, has entered the diesel three-wheeler segment with the launch of two new models the Humsafar DLX (driver+5 passenger) and the Humsafar 2000 (cargo) priced at Rs 184,768 and Rs 180,160 respectively (ex-Uttar Pradesh).

The company claims that the two models are the recent addition to its improved and customised range and come with features that make these two diesel-run vehicles one of its kind. They are specially designed for the Indian roads to carry heavy loads are equipped with high-shock absorbing technology.

According to Lohia Auto the Humsafar 2000 loader, due its size, weight and robust structure is ideal for carrying goods and will make it a great investment for people in the cargo business, while the Humsafar DLX passenger is a focussed for the riders as it offers a stylish body design with striking colours and the curves are optimised to create a visual appeal while keeping the seating compact yet spacious. 

Both the models have a ‘single cylinder’ naturally aspirated and air cooled; and ‘four-stroke Diesel DI compression ignition engine’ with a ground clearance of 180mm. Additionally, the two models are also equipped with dual hydraulic shock absorber with helical spring, which it states is highly equipped to absorb the rear shocks creating a smoother travel. 

These models are also equipped with ‘four-speed constant mesh’ gear box, the rear shock absorber has independent suspension with triangular arm, rubber compression spring and a monocoque chassis design with pressed steel sheet. The rear brake drum is accompanied with an automatic adjuster that ensures that the ride is comfortable in all rural, urban, pitted roads and streets.

Commenting on the launch of the Humsafar series  Ayush Lohia, CEO, Lohia Auto Industries said, “For Humsafar 2000 loader and DLX passenger, rugged terrains, narrow streets, and long distances would be an easy travel as Humsafar is equipped with advanced features like high loading capacity combined with power and control delivering high on performance. We understand the needs of our customers, their commuting habits and the conditions of the Indian roads and as a global conglomerate, we believe in providing smart mobility solutions meeting the international standards.”

“Humsafar guarantees of a technology that provides high durability, agility in addition with a well-designed look, custom fitting interiors, and phenomenal finish. Both the models are easy to operate and have enhanced engine life that would offer an easy maintenance,” added Lohia.

The company claims it has a well charted out network of 100+ dealers across India working towards providing a better availability of sales and service to its customers.