Kolkata and Hyderabad have the best road users in India: Ford

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 21 Dec 2018

World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that 299,091 Indians lost their lives due to road accidents in 2016. Ford’s recently concluded road safety survey - covering 10 Indian cities - tried unravelling the behaviour and attitude of average Indian road user. It urges them to be more complacent and cautious on the road for a safe 2019.

In line with the World Health Organisation’s 5-pillar approach, the survey recognises the importance to assess the behaviour of drivers, passengers and pedestrians in order to improve road safety. Following the framework of Compliance, Caution and Compassion, the survey themed under ‘Cartesy’, forms part of the company’s ongoing efforts to highlight behavioural issues that is stopping Indian roads from becoming safer and saner.

India's safest road users, city-wise

Indian cities and their safety scores

The survey noted that the city of Kolkata and Hyderabad had the most compliant, cautious and compassionate road users while Mumbai and Delhi had a lot of room for improvement. It is also noted that Indore, with the third highest recorded road accidents in the country, had scored the lowest.

Cautious Indian road users

As per the survey, it has been revealed that even the educated have a disregard for rules, safety or compassion while on road. Fifty-one percent of the participants from across the nation were unaware of seat belts being the primary source of safety combined with airbags. Furthermore, 42 percent of participants said they do not use Child Lock and around 27 percent of participants do not use dippers while driving at night. 22 percent of participants said it was ok to take phone calls while driving.

India's most compliant road users

Shockingly, one in five respondents (18 percent) felt that it was okay to drink and drive. Gender-wise, the survey found that females were more cautious and compliant, while men were more compassionate.

India's most compassionate road users

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