Jitendra New EV Tech to use Log9’s fast-charging tech for its e-scooters

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 28 Mar 2022

Bangalore-based advanced battery technology start-up Log9 Materials has inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Nashik-headquartered EV manufacturer Jitendra New EV Tech.

As part of the understanding, the OEM will introduce a new electric scooter range named ‘JMT 1000 HS’ incorporating Log9’s InstaCharge battery technology. The e-scooters have been designed and targeted for the last-mile logistics and delivery segment in India. Powered by Log9 batteries, the e-scooters will be able to fully charge in 15 minutes, and have a battery life of more than 10-years. The e-scooter has a range of upto 82km and payload capacity of upto 150kg.

Kartik Hajela, co-founder and COO, Log9 Materials said, “We are confident that our InstaCharge batteries on JMT scooters will provide the much-needed power, performance and peace of mind for the B2B last-mile delivery sector and shall further help the cause of reducing operational costs as well as lowering emissions footprint for the delivery and logistics sector. ”

CA Samkit Jitendra Shah, co-founder, Jitendra New EV Tech said, “Today when India has entered the electrification era, the biggest challenge is ensuring optimal EV Charging. We strongly believe that the association between Log9 and Jitendra New EV Tech will have a multiplier effect on our sales figures, which in turn will make our associate partner Log9 as well as our customers, dealers and us as manufacturers to be happy and profitable.”

Log9 says it has leveraged its cell-to-pack competency to develop its InstaCharge batteries that provide 9x faster charging, 9x better performance, and 9x battery life. In addition, Log9’s RapidX batteries are built to operate across a temperature range of -30 degree Celsius to 60 degree Celsius and comes with an operational life of more than 15,000 cycles.

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