ITL launches Solis Hybrid tractor at Rs 721,000

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 14 Apr 2021

Raman Mittal, executive director of International Tractors, with the new Solis Hybrid 5015.

International Tractors Ltd (ITL) has launched the new Solis Hybrid 5015 tractor, which uses Japanese hybrid technology, at Rs 721,000 (ex-showroom all-India). ITL has developed the product in collaboration with its Japanese partner Yanmar Agribusiness Co.

According to the company, the new 50hp Solis Hybrid 5015 tractor optimises traditional diesel engine power combined with electric energy to deliver sustainable performance and high speed, similar to what is offered by a 60hp tractor. ITL claims the efficient heavy duty mileage engine consumes fuel similar to that of 45hp tractor

The Solis Hybrid 5015 tractor has a ‘Power booster’ switch on the dashboard and a hand-operated lever. The advanced vehicle controller monitors the energy and the tractor also gets faster acceleration with its highly efficient electric motor.

According to Raman Mittal, Executive Director, ITL, “We are committed to bring new-age technologies that exist in developed nations for farmers in India at affordable price. We have raised the innovation bar in the industry with our Solis Hybrid 5015 tractor, which delivers the performance of three tractors. This is a 50hp tractor fully engineered to work as per situation to deliver superior performance of a 60hp tractor or give the fuel efficiency of 45hp tractor. Our hybrid tractor comes equipped with advanced features such as E-Powerboost that will enable the farmer to get the power when he needs the most and keep optimising fuel efficiency while operating as regular tractor rest of the time.”

He added, “The Hybrid tractor comes with a lithium-ion battery and advanced motor to reduce pollution and increase farmer confidence for increased productivity. The high voltage tractor battery can be charged with a simple 16A household socket plug and can be fully charged in less than 3 hours.”

The Solis Hybrid 5015 tractor by Japanese 4WD experts Solis Yanmarcomes equipped with lithium-ion battery. It offers continuous power supply through synchro-controller and is maintenance free. The new tractor by Solis Yanmar also features such as auto-charging cut-off function that results in longer battery life. It also offers ‘charging on the go’ for continuous battery charging when the throttle is not engaged. Additionally, the Solis Hybrid 5015 getsa user-friendly 'Smart LED display' that depicts battery level charge in the tractor.

The Solis Yanmar range by ITL is manufactured at the company’s Hoshiarpur plant.


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