Honda set to launch new Activa Premium soon

by Rishabh Bhaskar 15 Aug 2022

Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI) is expected to launch the Activa Premium soon, going by the fresh set of teasers that have been released on social media platforms.

As the name suggests, the scooter could be the 'Premium' variant of the Activa 6G. It also seems like this isn't the Activa 7G that we'd expected Honda would launch.

The teaser images show the silhouette of the scooter as well as the lights, which look similar to the Activa 6G. While the faux vents on the front apron also look exactly the same as on the standard model, the Premium variant gets gold-coloured embellishments on top of these vents; a similar gold treatment is expected on the badging as well. The Activa Premium is also likely to sport a set of new colours, including matte green. 

As for the features, it is difficult to tell if Honda has introduced anything new. It seems to be running on the same set of steel wheels as the standard scooter; whether Honda will also introduce an Activa with alloy wheels remains to be seen. The Activa also doesn't get Bluetooth connectivity, a feature seen in scooters like the Hero Pleasure, and we wait to see if it has been introduced on the Activa Premium to differentiate it from the standard scooter.

With the market finally looking up for scooters, HMSI is looking to up the ante. It is banking on the return of demand for scooters and this is seen in its 402,718 units, up 18% (July 2021: 340,420) despatches to its dealers in July 2022. In the April-July 2022 period, HMSI has cumulative sales of 812,086 units, up 78% YoY (April-July 2021: 455,214).

All said, it is only a matter of days before the scooter is fully revealed. Stay tuned.

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