Helmet now mandatory with new two-wheeler purchase in Tamil Nadu

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 16 Apr 2019

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Road fatalities in India, has been at an alarming rate, given the fact the country is home to one of the largest two-wheeler base, which also sees one of the highest  fatalities rate. In what seems, to be a growing focus on improving road safety in the country, be it introduction of new safety norms, improving infrastructure, or the stricter enforcement of existing laws.

In a recent notification, the Tamil Nadu government's transport department has reiterated its view to reduce road fatalities, especially improve safety for two-wheeler motorists. In order to reduce the road accidents and fatalities even further among two wheelers rider and pillion, the Transport Department  of Tamil Nadu is taking various steps. 

The Transport Commissioner of Tamil Nadu, in a letter last month to OEMs and dealers has instructed them to ensure supply of helmet to every new two-wheeler buyer at the time of purchase of a new vehicle by the manufacturer or dealer should be ensured by the RTOs and report of the same should be submitted to his office every month and the Two Wheeler Helmet Manufacturers Association Welcomes this rule.

In what may come as a surprise to many, the law impending to ensuring a helmet is supplied with every new two-wheeler purchased according to the Central Motor Vehicle Act, rule 138 (4) (f) 1989, which states that at the time of purchase of a two wheeler, the manufacturer of the two wheeler shall supply protective headgear, keeping in mind the specifications prescribed by BIS. While, the mandate has not been followed/enforced strictly across the country, few OEMs and state's have started taking the onus on themselves to address the alarming situation.

The Two Wheeler Helmet Manufacturers Association says it lauds the move by the state of Tamil Nadu for taking such an initiative which will be beneficial for the 2W users. In addition, this move will help cut down on sales of fake ISI helmet, which are sold in local markets and footpaths.