Hella plans 77 GHz radar tech series production in early 2020

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 24 Feb 2020

Lighting and electronics firm, Hella will be launching its latest 77 GHz radar technology into series production in spring 2020. The market launch will take place within the framework of the strategic cooperation with ZF Group, in this context. Initially, an Asian manufacturer of trucks and buses will be supplied. The company has already acquired several major orders in this area.

The 77 GHz radar sensors are based on a modular, scalable platform concept that allows customer-specific requirements to be implemented flexibly and efficiently. This technology is characterised by its high performance and range as well as its compact design. It simplifies its integration into the vehicle body and enables 360 degree perception of the vehicle environment. Thus, NCAP requirements as well as functions for automated driving can be implemented.

Frank Petznick, member of Electronics Executive Board, Hella said, "Radar sensor technology is a key technology for the realisation of assisted and automated driving functions. Our 77 GHz radar sensors make a significant contribution in this context."

The radar sensors will initially be manufactured at the electronics plant in Hamm, Germany, and then also in China and the USA. Subsequently, it will start series production for other international car manufacturers, thus further expanding its strong market position in the field of radar sensor technology. Responsible for the global automated driving product centre, Frank Petznick added that "With our platform approach, our 77 GHz radar family covers all essential market requirements from cost-optimised sensors for basic assistance functions, for example for high-volume vehicle segments and commercial vehicles, to high-performance variants that are necessary for higher development stages of autonomous driving such as automated parking or highway pilots."

Earlier, Hella also announced a strategic development partnership with the US start-up Oculii with the aim to increase the performance of the 77 GHz radar platform by integrating software developed by Oculii. Results of the development are expected to go into series production in 2023. Hella has been active in the radar business for around 20 years and was one of the first companies to start series production of 24 GHz radar sensors for rear applications.