Germany's Dr -Ing S Haußmann Industrieelektronik plans to sell directly to Indian OEMs

by Sricharan R 28 Jan 2020

Germany based component manufacturers for testbeds, Dr -Ing S Haußmann Industrieelektronik plans to sell its products directly to the Indian OEMs now. They were part of this year’s Automotive Testing Expo held in Chennai and have so far made its presence felt in the Indian market through its partners.

Speaking to Autocar Professional, Dr Klaus P Schorer, marketing sales, Dr -Ing S Haußmann Industrieelektronik, said, “We are here in India for the first time. We have our partners in India like Horiba, helping us in sales here. They deliver the complete system and we are the manufacturer of certain components. We wanted to understand the market here. Soon, we will be looking at the possibility of selling our products directly to the OEMs in India."

Speaking on the challenges in the Indian market, he added that, "Yes, it is difficult to enter into such a competitive market. But, we already know a few customers here. This might help us in entering the market."

Dr -Ing S Haußmann Industrieelektronik designs and makes components for automotive testing in R&D departments as well as in the production - applications where quality and reliability in harsh environment is crucial. Mahindra, Tata and Daimler India Commercial Vehicle are among their major Indian customers.

In the Indian market, the relative cost of the product will play a major role. Dr Schorer feels buying directly from them might reduce the cost. “Pricing is one of the main reasons we came here to the expo. To understand the customer needs and to get a better feeling about the cost. When we enter the market here we will make changes to be cost-competitive,” he pointed out.

Apart from the existing product offerings including gearshift robots and equipment, clutch actuation, throttle actuation, customised products and developments, the company will also be bringing out battery simulators for mild hybrids systems. Dr Schorer added that, “We are developing battery simulators for 8V and other high voltages. These are the products for hybrid and EVs and soon we will be ready with it.”