FM Logistic India deploys electric vehicles for last-mile deliveries

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 12 Apr 2021

FM Logistic India, a leading 3PL service provider is deploying its first batch of electric vehicles in Bangalore. The newly launched EVs are part of FM’s initial pilot to check for their effectiveness to carry out urban and hyper-local deliveries.

The first batch of EVs comprises 3-wheelers (read Mahindra Treo) having a load capacity of 500kg. The e3W take approximately 3 hours for charging and can cover a distance of about 80km on a single charge. The EVs will be used to carry out intra-city deliveries for WayCool, a fast growing agri-commerce and a leading player in the FMCG and food segment. FM Logistic India says it will help WayCool to carry out hyper local deliveries to local kirana stores, supermarkets as well as end consumers.

Amrit Bajpai, COO, WayCool Foods said “Our partnership with FM Logistic is another step towards advancing fleet electrification. To start, we will have EVs constituting 5% of our total fleet and will continue to increase it. As a soil to sale company, WayCool is committed towards sustainable actions and innovations to drive efficiency across the Agri-commerce value chain. We strongly believe that responsible behavior needs proactive efforts and it's our duty to leave the earth better than how we found it.”

Alexander Amine Soufiani, MD, FM Logistic India said, “At FM Logistic, sustainability is at the heart of our operations. When WayCool approached us to help them to develop a green network, we were excited to be able to provide them with a green distribution offer to help fulfill their delivery commitments within city limits. We include the challenges of sustainable development in our strategic vision - teams creating solutions for a sustainable supply chain. We are committed to reducing the impact of our business activities on the environment. We are focussed on helping our customers to develop and maintain a sustainable supply chain.”

The EVs will be used to carry out intra-city deliveries for their customers in the FMCG, food, pharma and retail segments. FM Logistic India plans to deploy at least 50 electric vehicles and cover more geographical areas under its green distribution network by December.