Ficosa targets selling 25 million rear-view cameras by 2028

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 18 Jun 2021

Ficosa has reached a new milestone selling more than 6 million rear-view cameras. The company began marketing this solution in 2014 and sales have nearly doubled in the past three years. The company targets selling more than 25 million rear-view cameras by 2028.

Ficosa’s list of customers include major brands in the automotive sector, such as members of the Volkswagen Group (Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, Skoda and MAN), as well as other customers such as McLaren, Tata Motors and BYD.

Josep María Forcadell, Director of Ficosa's ADAS Business Unit, stated that "this milestone consolidates the company's leadership in the vision systems market and reaffirms the strong technological transformation undertaken in order to move from providing conventional vision systems based on mirrors to cameras with a high technological component." He adds that the organisation expects to experience strong growth in this segment, with a forecast to "reach 25 million rear-view cameras sold by 2028."

Rear-view cameras, which are designed to make parking easier for the driver, are part of the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) category. The company currently manufactures and markets analogue rear-view cameras, which are among the best on the market due to their image quality, as well as a new generation of digital cameras, which offer high performance and provide a wider range of vision and maximum resolution in the most demanding conditions. 

Surround View System a step towards autonomous driving
Ficosa has also integrated rear-view cameras into the Surround View System, one of the company's major advances in cutting-edge technology. Using four perimeter cameras and a control unit, this system offers 360 degree vision, providing images from multiple perspectives and assistance in parking manoeuvres from any blind spot. 

The company is already working on a new update of the Surround View System that will add new features aimed at increasing safety, such as pedestrian detection at the start of a manoeuvre so that the system can trigger an emergency brake.

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