eBikeGo to produce and sell European Muvi e-scooter in India

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 07 Dec 2021

Mumbai-based e-two-wheeler platform eBikeGo has acquired the rights to manufacture and sell ‘Muvi’ e-scooter from Spanish automotive company Torrot. It maybe recollected that eBikeGo recently also acquired rights to manufacture all-electric Velocipedo trike in Pune.

With Muvi, the company aims to grab 5% of the worldwide electric two-wheeler market. The e-scooter is IoT and AI-enabled with connected features. It comes with a swappable battery and has been deployed by 14 e-commerce and shared mobility companies.

Torrot has already sold 30,000 Muvi e2Ws in Europe. This proves an advantageous move for eBikeGo to get their hands on a Go-to-Market ready product. 

Dr. Irfan Khan, founder and CEO, eBikeGo said: “We are extremely happy to have acquired the license of manufacturing ‘Muvi’, one of the leading electric vehicles from renowned international automotive company Torrot in India. Taking about facts, approx. 25 million two-wheelers are sold every year in India alone. Out of which, electric two-wheelers only constitute of a small fragment (0.3 %). This fraction has been constantly observed throughout last 6 years which heavily indicates the lack of market acceptance. Presently, the major issue is that customer-centric approach is lacking. Muvi, being a technologically advanced vehicle and already operating in 12 countries, does not require any homologation to supply in these markets, opening ways for global presence.”

In terms of specifications, Muvi is lightweight agile e-scooter weighing 83kgs;  4.1 CV (3 Kw) which is equivalent to 125cc scooter;  offers 100km range in Eco mode and a top speed of 60kph.

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