Delhi-based Inverted Energy unveils new BMS system with longer battery life

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 24 Dec 2020

Delhi-based Inverted Energy, a lithium-ion battery solution provider start-up, has launched its first advanced battery management system (BMS) called ‘OJAS BMS’. The company says the new BMS offers increased control over the battery, making them ‘Smart’ and more efficient in terms of performance.

The start-up plans to make the system available as a standard offering on all planned battery models. The technology will be exclusively available for all its products.

Rahul Raj, co-founder, Inverted Energy said, “We designed many test-cases to assess the problems we faced during service of field-deployed batteries in rugged conditions or due to human error. The OJAS BMS will ensure that these factors don’t impact our batteries in the future. Our BMS offers a secure, safe and robust battery system for superior user-experience and unmatched performance.”

Inverted Energy says its new system is built in tandem and other collaborators including the likes of Nexperia and Infineon and provides a platform to deliver high battery cell measurement accuracy for the lifetime of the battery, along with maximum energy use per cell required for better battery range.

Some of the major features of the OJAS BMS are:

  • The OJAS BMS version is based on Texas Instruments' highly reliable battery management solution.
  • It offers accurate cut-offs with very low error tolerances.
  • The cut-off thresholds are set after surveying cell-characteristics over a large dataset to offer optimal capacity along with maximum lifecycle.
  • It uses high-quality MOSFETs from Nexperia and Infineon which ensures durability and reliability at the prescribed current rating keeping temperature within safe limits.
  • It is embedded with the top-level cell balancing during charging which is one of the crucial features of premium BMS. It ensures all cells are charged up to the same voltage level within the error window to ensure maximum capacity utilisation.

With thorough research and tests the BMS designed by Inverted is said to offer overvoltage cut-off, undervoltage cut-off, temperature cut-off, dual overcurrent cut-offs, short-circuit cut-off and many more.

“We have also provided strategic provisions in the OJAS BMS to keep it future-ready and make it adaptable to advanced BMS which can capture and analyse the data from the battery,” added Raj.