Delhi plans one charging point for every 15 EVs by 2024

by Amit Vijay M 25 Aug 2022

The New Delhi government has set itself a target of 25 percent for new passenger and two-wheeler sales to be electric by 2024 and also announced plans to install 18,000 charging stations during this three-year period.

With its current rate of EV adoption at 10 percent being on a par with global EV capital like California, Oslo, New York, and Paris, the latest plan aims to provide one public charging point for every 15 EVs, with a charging station within 3kms from any point by 2024 said Ashish Kundra, Delhi Principal secretary and Transport Commissioner who shared details of the three-year action plan.

Kundra said, "Since two-wheelers contribute to 40 percent of all vehicular production, light EV chargers for two-wheelers and passenger cars will be prioritised.

The transport commissioner further added as part of the 2024 action plan, the target is to map charging and swapping stations to existing EV density. 

"The areas that have a shortage of EV charging will be given priority and EV chargers will be installed there first," he said.

Since the Delhi Government EV policy was announced in 2020, 65,117 EVs have been registered in the National Capital and 42 percent of all two-wheelers purchased till now are EVs. The state currently has 234 battery swapping stations and adopted 896 new EV charging stations.

To commemorate its milestone, the state launched its first-ever 'Switch Delhi EV Awards' by the Transport Department to felicitate leaders and role models across 13 categories in the e-mobility sector. Of the many awardees, Piaggio Vehicles was recognised as  the OEM with the highest number of electric three-wheeler sales in the L5 category for delivering more than 1100 Electric Vehicle units

Lauding the efforts made by Delhi Government to boost the overall ecosystem, Diego Graffi, Chairman and managing director, Piaggio Vehicles said, " We are glad to be a reliable partner of Delhi Government's endeavour to motivate Delhi residents to switch to electric vehicle and take all possible steps to support the “Switch Delhi EV Campaign".

Delhi Transport Minister who was also present at the Switch Delhi EV Awards emphasised that the state's EV journey will work on three core pillars which include incentivisation, innovation, and inclusion.

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