C4V introduces LiSER technology for EV cells in India

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 07 Feb 2022

Charge CCCV (C4V), the US based battery technology provider, has introduced LiSER battery technology in India. Lithium slim energy reserve (LiSER), a unique cell technology addresses the various battery challenges including supply chain, cost, and battery performance. 

 LiSER’s solid structural design and environmental friendliness of the platform enables an Industry-leading cell to chassis and cell to pack solution with superior performance metrics. Additionally, the technology includes exceptional safety characteristics due to C4V’s oxygen-deficient patented BMLMP technology.

Commenting on the launch, Shailesh Upreti, CEO, C4V said, " The technology not only allows our BMLMP Chemistry to compete with cobalt and nickel-based batteries at the pack level but also enables giga scale production to be more sustainable with our breakthrough high-speed manufacturing processes. It can bridge the gap between energy density and power density in a very safe mechanism and would allow us to cater to various market verticals with a single cell technology platform and we are supercharged as our OEM partners start sharing their experiences with us".

Kuldeep Gupta, Vice President (Strategic Partnership), C4V added, “As the Indian EV market is growing exponentially, C4V aims to solve similar trends across critical battery materials like Cobalt and Nickel very soon. Our goal is to make the country self-reliant in terms of EV generation in all respects.”

 C4V’s super high-speed coating and stacking technology also reduces cell manufacturing capital investment by 30 percent per GWh. Additionally, reduction of aluminum and copper metal from lithium-ion cells provides extra saving per Kwh basis to make LiSER highly attractive for investment in new gigafactories.

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