Bridgestone India launches premium Sturdo tyre range

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 14 Sep 2022

Bridgestone India has launched its next-generation Sturdo tyres, which it claims, extends tyre life by up to 29 percent and improves the ride quality on uneven roads. It is positioned a slight premium compared to other products in Bridgestone's portfolio.

On the sidelines of the launch of the Sturdo range, Parag Satpute, managing director of Bridgestone India, mentioned that this range has managed to achieve 29 percent more mileage without compromising on ride quality and rolling resistance coefficient (RRC). He further added that the tyre is aimed at the aftermarket, but its technology will be available for OEMs as well.

The Bridgestone Sturdo comes in different sizes ranging from 12-inch to 16-inch, has 27 variations, and is targeted at hatchbacks, sednas and crossovers. According to the Japanese tyre manufacturer, the Sturdo “answers a key need of tyre longevity for Indian customers”. It uses a special tread compound with Strong Reinforcement that increases wear resistance properties, thereby, resulting in longer life. It also uses large centre-blocks with 3D tread grooves that help it achieve higher grip for better driving safety.

Satpure also mentioned that the Sturdo “will be priced at a slight premium per our existing products, but nothing very significant”. Commenting on improving the durability of the tyre, he mentioned that Bridgestone “beefed up the sidewalls, and made them much more resistant to the kind of road conditions that we witness in India”.

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