Altair reveals latest simulation solutions for EVs

by Ujal Nair 18 Jan 2019

Altair, the US-based product design and development, engineering software and cloud computing software developer has unveiled what is said to be one of the first simulation software tools especially designed for EVs at SIAT 2019, Pune.

The simulation software has been designed with a focus on designing an electric car or any other vehicle that come with battery components and electric control units. Altair's multi-physics simulation technology comes with the ability to validate architectural choices, improve design efficiency, reducing prototyping and maintenance costs.

Altair claims that it has a suite of software that enables design of efficient electric motors, optimising charging solutions and electromagnetic solvers that could improve the performance of auxiliary systems such as e-steering systems, e-braking systems, energy recovery systems and others.

The company has also developed a simulation software called ‘FEKO’ that offers simulation of both radiated emission and immunity problems. The software enables an EV OEM to model complex cable harnesses, antenna coupling in the vehicle and workflows for electronic control unit (ECU). This helps to ensure harmonious co-existence of systems in the vehicle while complying with the relevant EMC standards.

Altair says it has worked with some of the major EV players in India.