Yanfeng unveils XiM21 interior concept in Europe

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 04 Oct 2020

End-September saw Yanfeng, a leading global automotive supplier, present the new Experience in Motion 2021 (XiM21) concept car for the first time in Europe. 

During a virtual event, Yanfeng showcased its Smart Cabin capabilities for future vehicle interiors and how its holistic digital and physical solutions are seamlessly integrated to enhance in-car experience. The new concept offers advanced technologies and user-centric product solutions that are production-ready for next generation vehicles.

Influenced by global megatrends and based on Yanfeng’s complete product portfolio, the design of the XiM21 visualises how the company transforms smart cabin concepts into reality. The concept car provides a customisable environment, connected services, and seamlessly integrated intuitive interaction technology that respond to passengers’ needs and desires based on personal preferences and specific use case scenarios.

Focusing on technology and in-depth consumer research, Yanfeng is redefining its Smart Cabin approach. “At Yanfeng, we have been exploring technical, societal, and industrial trends as well as future mobility trends for years. With our XiM20 that we presented last year, we demonstrated our first Smart Cabin concept – a very visionary mobility experience for future autonomous ride-sharing. The debut of our XiM21 is an example of our continued efforts to provide customers with the most advanced production-ready technologies and product solutions that are tailored for unique user experiences,” said Tim Shih, Vice- President Design and User Experience at Yanfeng Technology.

All displays, smart surfaces, and components in the XiM21 have been designed for intuitive interaction. For the driver, the dual 12.3-inch curved display serves as a central control unit for the cabin environment, while an additional sliding 10.1-inch display in the instrument panel enables the front-seat passenger to comfortably engage and interact with the vehicle’s settings and infotainment system. It also allows the front-seat passenger to keep an eye on children in the back and control the content they watch.

Combination of digital and physical capabilities
With integrated sensors and smart technologies, the XiM21 connects with end-users and responds directly to their wants and needs. By using pre-set preferences and adjusting to real-time inputs, the XiM21’s cabin is tailored to its passengers.

Using a mobile app linked to the XiM21, the driver can create a personal profile, entering their height, weight, and a scanned image of their face. With this profile, the XiM21 will adjust automatically to its driver, generating an optimized seating and safety configuration. The app also enables easy adjustment of the interior’s temperature, preferred scent, or ambient lighting so users can pre-configure their vehicle before they board. The built-in child seat can also be controlled by the app, allowing parents to stow the child seat away to create more space in the second row with the touch of a button.

Thanks to the facial recognition system, the driver is recognised as soon as they step into the vehicle. After identifying the driver, the Smart Cabin adjusts all the pre-settings and welcomes him on board with lighting, a welcome animation, and a verbal greeting from the on-board system. Safety features like hands-off-detection in the steering wheel and fatigue detection for the driver are fully integrated in the Smart Cabin. This way, early warnings for either system can be communicated with lighting, vibrations in the steering wheel and seat, and automatic seat belt-tightening. Dynamic and indirect decorative lighting are complemented by best-in-class audio offerings, such as the 3D Sound System that brings high-quality audio to the entire cabin as well as private audio that allows passengers to listen to their own media without disturbing others.

“By combining physical features and digital intelligence, we can enhance the interactions between occupants, as well as between occupants and the vehicle itself. Our Smart Cabin concept XiM21 enables positive experiences on-board, whether for personal or business use, with family or with colleagues. From the overall concept down to individual technologies and features, the innovations integrated into XiM21 are selected and synchronized to support positive user experiences and truly demonstrate Yanfeng’s idea of Smarter Mobility Together,” said Han Hendriks, Chief Technology Officer at Yanfeng Technology.

Smart interior surfaces on demand ensure less distraction
Intuitive smart surfaces abound within the XiM21. Capacitive touch sensing combined with haptic vibration feedback offer a safe and intuitive user experience in the doors, instrument panel, overhead console, and seats.
These smart surfaces serve as high-quality decorative surfaces when inactive to reduce visual distraction and create a seamless cabin environment. When needed, they activate with just a simple touch.

Single domain controller orchestrates features and functions
All of XiM21’s interactive technologies and features, from cameras and sensors to touch displays and smart surfaces to climate control and seat positions, are orchestrated by Yanfeng’s own Smart Cabin Controller. Based on collected input from integrated sensors combined with users’ set preferences, the XiM21 Smart Cabin automatically adjusts the interior ambiance through climate, scent, audio, and lighting. By combining these with a flexible interior, XiM21 offers new forms of interaction that bring surprise and delight and delivers true Experience in Motion.

Flexible interiors
XiM21’s Smart Cabin also offers flexible and multi-functional space to address different use cases and passenger needs. Throughout the interior, solutions like the built-in child seat are designed to be adaptable. This powered child seat can transform into a footrest for the third-row passenger when not being occupied, and, also slides forward to facilitate ingress and egress to the third row.

Also supporting different uses, the sliding floor console aboard XiM21 can move quickly between the front and rear of the cabin when summoned by voice command or the touch of a button. With heated and cooled cupholders, a wireless charging station, and a powered deployable folding table, this ‘smart companion’ floor console maximises its value in the cabin with its flexible and functional solutions. In order to enhance passenger well-being as well as seating comfort, Yanfeng developed a Zero-Gravity Seat which offers enhanced relaxation in its fully reclined position. Supported by the Smart Cabin Controller, the first and third-row seats adjust automatically to maximize space for the reclining passenger.
Yanfeng says, “With the integrated massage function activated and combined with calming scents, ambient lighting, and soothing sounds, passengers can truly unwind and escape their daily routine with the Zero Gravity Seat.”

“Intuitive features, functions, and interfaces are essential to the end-user experience,” said Han Hendriks. “Thanks to our broad product portfolio, digital capabilities, and combined experiences across all of our business units, we are able to deliver comprehensive system solutions to our customers.”

In response to digital transformation and the evolving needs of users, Yanfeng will continue to actively pursue, develop, and integrate technology innovations that inspire and stimulate the imagination, redefine future mobility, and deliver an exciting Experience in Motion.


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