Yamaha World Technician GP winners announced, India's Sekh Tazim wins Customer Satisfaction Award

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 23 Oct 2018

The 21 GP competitors, event chairman Yoshihiro Hidaka, vice-chairman Yasuo Tanaka, committee chairman Kazuhiko Abe (on the left in the front row). India's Sekh Tazim is on extreme right (front row).

Following the successful completion of the ‘World Technician Grand Prix’ held at Yamaha Motor headquarters on October 17, Yamaha Motor Co has announced the winners. The Sports Model Class was won by Canadian representative Brett TR Hart, and the Commuter Model Class by Taiwanese representative Wu Chang Wei.

Held every two years since 2002, this event finds the best Yamaha motorcycle technician from around the globe. The World Technician Grand Prix (WTGP) is an international event for selecting the world's top Yamaha motorcycle technicians, and it represents a gathering of certified technicians who have passed the Yamaha Technical Academy (YTA) technician training program based on Yamaha's own worldwide standards. This program is available to anyone working for a Yamaha motorcycle dealership.

In 2018, qualifying rounds were held in 21 countries and regions, and 21 elite technicians from 19 countries and regions gathered on October 17 at the Yamaha Motor headquarters to discover who are the world's top Yamaha motorcycle technicians.

What counts in the WTGP
The ranking in this competition was determined by an overall score across two disciplines: A Technical Skills Competition requiring accurate fault diagnosis and repair skills on motorcycles assumed to be faulty, and a Customer Relations Competition testing service skills in explaining the results of repairs/services when returning motorcycles as well as providing advice on the use of Yamaha Genuine parts and safe riding.

One of the key aspects of the technical skills competition was whether the competitors were able to use the Yamaha Diagnostic Tool (YDT) to identify fault locations and start the engine. (The YDT is a fault diagnostic tool developed for use specifically with Yamaha products which connects the motorcycle to a PC and makes fault locations significantly easier to detect.)

Many of the competitors in this Grand Prix were indeed able to start the engine, showing how advanced the abilities of the entrants were. With the diverse languages of 19 countries and regions filling the air, in the customer relations competition the competitors showed an unfailingly positive attitude and the customer-centric personalised service which they deliver every day.
Yamaha Motor says its aim is not only to use the WTGP to promote higher levels of motivation and improve skills among motorcycle technicians, but also to improve customer satisfaction by continuing to train proficient technicians capable of maintaining Yamaha motorcycles. Yamaha Motor also aims to ensure that as many people as possible understand the importance of after-sales service in order to contribute to the revitalisation of the entire motorcycle industry and to raise the status of motorcycle technicians.

Since 2000, Yamaha Motor has promoted its unique global standard-based service technician training program YTA (Yamaha Technical Academy). The Academy aims to provide a consistent high-quality service at all Yamaha dealers worldwide, under the catch phrase One to One Service (expressing the concept of using professional service skills to create and strengthen the bonds with each and every customer). As of July 2018, there are approximately 34,000 YTA-certified technicians from 46 locations utilizing their skills in each country and region.

The winners
Sports Model Class: Brett TR Hart (Canadian representative)
Runner-up: Darren Stout (Australia)
Third place: Alan Simmonds (the Netherlands)

Commuter Model Class: Wu Chang Wei (Taiwanese representative)
Runner-up: Ardhi Sulistyo Haryo Prakoso (Indonesia)
Third place: Dang Quang Vinh (Vietnam)

Customer Satisfaction Award: Judged on how carefully a technician handles a customer's bike, and whether they have adhered firmly to etiquette and manners.
Jeremy Leigh Talley (USA)
Sekh Tazim (India) pictured below