Yamaha to launch made-in-India Crux Rev in Africa

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 03 Feb 2017

While India Yamaha Motor will be the main production company for the Crux Rev, CKD production is scheduled for CFAO Yamaha Motor Nigeria Ltd this year.

Yamaha Motor Co has announced that the Crux Rev, the company's first strategic model for Africa, will be released in African countries from April 2017. Powered by a four-stroke, air-cooled Blue Core 110cc engine, this new model will subsequently be launched in countries in Central America and the Caribbean.

Although India Yamaha Motor (IYM) will be the main production company for the Crux Rev, CKD production of the same model is scheduled for Yamaha Motor's Nigerian production company, CFAO Yamaha Motor Nigeria Ltd in 2017. It may be recollected that IYM discontinued production of the Crux in early 2016.

According to Yamaha, as the first strategic motorcycle for Africa, the Crux Rev is designed to handle the traffic environments and commercial applications in many countries.

The motorcycle’s main features are high fuel efficiency from its Blue Ccore engine (improved by 18% in comparison to existing models), a flat seat and board-style tandem foot-rests comfortable even for tandem riding, and excellent practicality including a rear carrier with superior carrying capacity and suspension to support heavy loads. Two configurations are available: a spoke wheel specification with kick-start, and a cast wheel specification with electric start.

Big potential markets for commuter bikes
The African and Central America/Caribbean motorcycle markets total around 3.6 million units, as per a Yamaha survey conducted in 2016. Approximately half of this number comprise 100-150cc motorcycles which are used as bike taxis.

The current Crux model (110cc) was originally developed for India, and was introduced in Africa and Central America/the Caribbean from the early 2000s. It saw much use in Africa through its use as a bike taxi, and in Central America/the Caribbean for its entry-level commuter and delivery purposes.

With the growth of various financial support systems such as microfinance in recent years, demand for bike taxis and delivery applications is forecast to grow even further, and customers expect the launch of models which fulfill criteria for fuel efficiency, cost, and quality/reliability. Yamaha says the Crux Rev has been developed to cater to these needs.