Wuling launches three upgraded Hong Guang compact MPV models

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 21 Mar 2019

SAIC-GM-Wuling has launched three upgraded Wuling Hong Guang models: the Hong Guang V, Hong Guang S and Hong Guang S3. From commercial use to personal and family use, the trio aim to meet the diverse needs of customers across China for functionality, practicality and convenience.

Positioned as a professional commercial carrier, the Hong Guang V addresses the demands of business users. The new model's interior, load capacity and durability have all been enhanced. Nineteen storage spaces maximize roominess and convenience.

Its 2,850-mm wheelbase and detachable seats give the new Hong Guang V up to 4,300 liters of cargo space. The side middle door has a classic sliding design with a width of over 700 mm, making it convenient to load cargo and easy for passengers to get in and out.

The tailgate design has also factored in the needs of business users. The back door opens to a height of 1,824mm, making it easy to move large items. Meanwhile, the floor in the back is about 20 percent lower than the floor of its competitors, for the convenience of commercial customers.

The Hong Guang V was put through 40,000km of comprehensive road tests, which is equivalent to 160,000km of normal driving. It performed well in high and low temperature endurance testing, brake system durability testing and other specific tests. It has high corrosion resistance, having endured the equivalent of six years of enhanced corrosion road tests.

Although it is an MPV, the new Hong Guang S has adopted more SUV elements in line with the Hong Guang family’s traditional advantages in space, power and fuel economy. It will meet the diverse demands of both commercial and family users.

Positioned as 'the upper-level Hong Guang S',  the upgraded Hong Guang S3 has more cargo space than an SUV, better driving dynamics than an MPV, greater comfort than a traditional commercial minivan and more practicality than a sedan.

It is the first mass-produced vehicle that is available with the Electronic Clutch Management (ECM) system which offers the best of both worlds of a manual and automatic transmission. The system has been put through extensive durability tests in Germany and 40,000km of durability tests in China to ensure it meets Wuling’s high standards for safety, reliability and quality.

The new Hong Guang V, Hong Guang S and Hong Guang S3 are priced from 45,800 yuan (Rs 466,000 to 76,800 yuan (Rs 781,000).

In 2010, the Wuling Hong Guang opened the compact MPV segment in China. It has been the leader in the segment ever since, with a monthly sales record of more than 80,000 units. The Hong Guang nameplate is a mainstay in the line-up of SAIC-GM-Wuling, which is China’s leading producer of mini-commercial vehicles.