Wipro unveils ‘Cloud Car’ platform

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 03 Mar 2022

Wipro announced the launch of its ‘Cloud Car’ platform, unveiled at the ‘Engineering the Cloud Car Ecosystem’ panel at MWC Barcelona. Wipro’s Cloud Car platform will bring together its FullStride Cloud Services and engineering capabilities with a best-in-class partner ecosystem as well as consortium.

A first in the industry, according to the company, the platform will deliver auto makers an integrated, cloud-native software solution—equipped with an end-to-end cybersecurity system—to help them innovate faster at a lower cost and keep software-defined vehicles (SDVs) digitally relevant for years.

Thomas Mueller, CTO, Engineering and R&D Services, Wipro explained, “Our goal is to make it possible for automobile manufacturers to deliver vehicles that get better every day, so both they and generations of owners can drive better return on investments.” Wipro’s Cloud Car platform will decouple previously integrated software and hardware, enabling manufacturers to validate and upgrade software at an unmatched digital scale.

The ‘always-on,’ ‘feature-on demand’ functionality will come with a robust cyber security and functional safety architecture and will help increase vehicles’ residual value. “By 2030, the vast majority of new vehicles will be SDVs,” added Mueller. “These cars will connect in real-time with the world around them. They will leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to constantly gather data, provide valuable information and, eventually, make autonomous decisions. Unlocking the true potential of SDVs will require moving them to the cloud,” Mueller pointed out.

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