Volvo Buses introduces new range of long distance coaches

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 29 May 2018

First pictures of the new Volvo 9900 from the new 9000 range

Volvo Buses is now introducing an entirely new range of buses for tourist and line haul operations. With a new design, fuel-saving aerodynamics and enhanced safety, the Swedish coach manufacturer is taking another leap forward. 

Hakan Agnevall, president of Volvo Buses said,“This is a historic step, the biggest renewal of our European coach range for more than 20 years.”

The new Volvo Buses range of vehicles for tourist and line-haul operations include two models – the luxurious Volvo 9900 and the versatile Volvo 9700. Both feature a dynamically styled exterior with an enhanced aerodynamic design. The interiors have been reworked as well.


On the new Volvo 9900, the “Z shaped” window lines combined with a gradient “theatre floor” introduces a whole new design language for coaches. 

Dan Frykholm, Design Director Volvo Buses said, “We have been determined to create a modern functional, friendly and inviting overall impression with strong character.” 

The new 9000 range stays true to its Volvo heritage, with technology that Volvo claims, makes it one of the safest coach ranges on the market. Both the Volvo 9700 and the Volvo 9900 feature comprehensive solutions for active and passive safety. Among the new features are more robust frontal impact protection (FIP) and a ‘Driver Alert’ system that monitors the bus’s movements and issues alerts if the driver is tired or not concentrating on the road.


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