Volkswagen sells 886,100 vehicles globally in July 2019, down 2.4 percent

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 16 Aug 2019

The Volkswagen saw a YoY drop of 2.4 percent in July 2019 as compared to July 2018, to 886,100 vehicles. Due to the WLTP changeover in July 2018, deliveries in Europe in July 2019 saw a YoY dip by 3.6 percent to 393,600 vehicles. The brand reported a positive development in South America as compared to last year.

Dr Christian Dahlheim, head of Volkswagen Group sales said, “The Volkswagen Group has made a solid start to the second half of the year and has once again slightly increased its market share in a global market that is generally shrinking. It is especially gratifying to note that we have grown in our most important market, China, despite the general downward trend in the market.”

VW group July 2019 sales map

Out of the 393,600 vehicles in Europe, 326,600 vehicles were delivered in the Western Europe, a YoY drop of 4 percent as compared to July 2018. Germany, the home market saw 126,300 customers in July 2019, a YoY decline of 6.3 percent. The story was similar in the Central and Eastern Europe where the deliveries saw a YoY drop of 1.9 percent to 67,000 vehicles. However, Volkswagen has reported a growth in its sales in Russia (2.4%) with 18,800 vehicles.

In North America, except for the USA (3.4% YoY), the rest of the markets, like Canada (-12.8% YoY) and Mexico (-7% YoY) saw de-growth. In South America, however, Volkswagen saw a growth of 3.2 percent YoY with 53,000 vehicles as against July 2018. Brazil the largest market in the region, saw 40,900 Volkswagen vehicles delivered resulting in a YoY growth of 14.3 percent. This helped the company to offset the YoY drop of 29.8 percent in Argentina.

Deliveries in the Asia-Pacific region were slightly below the figure for July 2018, at 334,800 vehicles (-0.3 percent). In China, the Group’s most important single market, the brands were able to boost their deliveries by 1.3 percent to 313,400 vehicles compared with July 2018, once again increasing their market share.

VW group sales in July 2019 by market

VW group July 2019 sales by brands

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