Veoneer to supply BMW Group with cameras enabling automated driving

by Manobhava Baruah 18 May 2022

Veoneer, an automotive technology company and Veoneer, a Tier-1 hardware supplier and system integrator, has signed an agreement with BMW Group to equip their vehicles with camera heads for their next-gen vision system for automated driving. In addition to monitoring the vehicle's forward path, the high-definition 8 MP camera mounted behind the rearview mirror will provide accurate information to the vehicle control system.  

BMW Group’s current AD stack is combined with Arriver’s Vision Perception and NCAP Drive Policy products on Qualcomm Technologies’ system-on-chip, with the goal of designing automated driving functions spanning NCAP, Level 2 and Level 3. Veoneer’s camera heads are adapted to the current trend of a centralised and scalable software architecture and will be an essential part of the sensor set-up required for the next generation AD platform.

Jacob Svanberg, CEO, Veoneer said “We are excited to be part of the development of the next generation vision systems, planned to enter the market in 2025. This award with camera heads to the 5th generation vision system is another proof point that Veoneer remains at the forefront of providing safe, collaborative driving solutions."

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