Vayyar’s single-chip for 4D imagining radar sensor XRR covers upto 300 metre distance

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 19 May 2021

Vayyar Imaging, a leading player in 4D imaging radar, has launched what it says is the world’s first multi-range ‘XRR’ chip, a single RFIC with a range of 0-300m, designed for passenger cars, trucks and motorcycles.

The chip is supported by a 48-antenna MIMO array, the leading-edge platform provides radar imaging with unprecedented accuracy for numerous safety applications, without the need for external processors.

Vayyar’s XRR chip is AEC-Q100 qualified and ASIL-B compliant. With an ultra-wide field of view and rich 4D point cloud imaging, it is said to deliver unprecedented multifunctionality on a single-chip platform, supporting dozens of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Advanced Rider Assistance Systems (ARAS) and autonomy features. This eliminates the need for multiple, costly vehicle sensors and reduces costs, complexity, hardware, software, power consumption, wiring and integration efforts.

Affording a range of 0-300m, the multi-range XRR chip differentiates between static obstacles such as dividers, curbs and parked vehicles, and between different types of VRUs, moving vehicles and other hazards. In low-speed environments such as parking lots, the XRR chip’s uSRR and SRR sensing supports advanced parking assistance, scanning the vehicle’s surroundings for pedestrians and obstacles. On the open road, MRR and LRR capabilities facilitate a variety of ADAS and autonomy applications such as Lane Change Assist (LCA), Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Blind Spot Detection (BSD), Collision Warnings (fCW/rCW), Cross Traffic Alerting (CTA) and Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB).

Ian Podkamien, VP and Head of Automotive at Vayyar said: “Vayyar’s XRR chip delivers unparalleled multi-range capability, reducing complexity and costs, so that high-end safety is accessible and affordable for all vehicle models. To achieve this, we integrated 48 transceivers into a single chip, along with the computing power necessary for optimal performance, while maintaining cost-efficiency and a compact form factor.”

The company says just two XRR chips earn any vehicle 33 Euro NCAP safety points, while replacing over ten traditional ADAS sensors. Vayyar’s platform supports nine different Euro NCAP ADAS requirements for 2023, protecting pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists, while maximising safety ratings.

Compared with alternatives such as cameras, standard radar and LiDAR, Vayyar’s 4D imaging radar delivers multifunctionality on a single-chip platform, maximising affordability, coverage, range, resolution and robustness. The XRR chip provides real-time 4D detection, identifying and tracking numerous objects simultaneously, even in extremely challenging conditions such as heavy traffic, darkness, or fog.

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Vayyar Imaging gets global certification for in-cabin 4D imaging radar

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