Vauxhall-Opel design boss on future look of the brand

by Steve Cropley, Autocar UK 22 Aug 2018

Vauxhall-Opel has unveiled an electric, compact SUV concept called GT X Experimental, which showcases the future design of the marque. Autocar UK spoke to the director of design Mark Adams on the concept and what it means for Vauxhall styling in the coming years.

What’s the most important function of the GT X?

“This is our first move, now that the company is under new ownership, at reinventing the face of our forthcoming cars, and showing what the future customer experience will be like inside them.”

Why did you choose a B-segment SUV?

“We decided it was vital to choose a car already popular in the contemporary market, to show Vauxhall’s approachability. GT X is fresh, but it’s also genuine and has a clear connection with our history. We believe it’s ‘us’.”

How soon before we see a car like this in production?

“We’re not suggesting production for this car, but you’ll see plenty of big-picture features on our cars of the future: the Visor, the purity and simplicity of the surfacing, a sense of structure beneath them, and the wing signature lights. That’s for starters.”

Will we see GT X’s low-profile wheel cover in production?

“It’s a bit of an experiment, meant to combine the need for a big tyre with the look of a low profile. We’d need to do a lot of additional work with our tyre partner, but the idea’s a good one.”

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