US start-up brings innovative advertisement on rear window of car

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 03 Sep 2018

In the age of digital disruptions the mobility segment is undergoing humongous changes, right from the way vehicles are being manufactured to the way it is sold. Now, a United States-based start up Grabb-IT is working on doubling up a vehicles rear-window into a personalised/customised digital advertisement billboard.

The company says that it is currently piloting the digital advertisement on ridesharing vehicles, wherein it is installing the hardware free-of-cost for the drivers. It claims that the advertisements will be ‘Always On’ the ads cannot be turned off, skipped, hidden or shut down; Hyper-Target which it says is part of its advanced online platform wherein the advertiser can create campaigns for areas which generate high number of impressions.

Grabb-IT says as per its pilot study findings the digital advertisement saw 43 percent people surveyed at various locations in San Francisco recall noticing the advertisements on cars. Around 22 percent, recall the actual brands advertised on Grabb-It's platform.

The company says its product is easily installable on the window screen and can be rolled down too. For its driver partners it will freely install the screen and they will get a part of the revenue as additional income without putting any additional efforts.

Grabb-IT to showcase its innovation undertook a pilot study for which it chose two high foot density locations that have repeat footsteps to test brand recall, the outcome was calculated based on 100 surveyors a week after the campaign kicked-off based on the assumption of repeat footsteps.

It says the results found – 45 out of 100 remembered seeing the digital greeting card advertisement; 95 percent (43) of those 45 recalled the brand (digital greeting card company); 60 percent (28) of those understood the brand product and 47 percent (22) of those were willing to make a purchase of the product.

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