Upstream Security partners Arilou to offer cybersecurity solutions for OEMs

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 04 Jan 2019

Upstream Security, a leading provider of automotive cloud cybersecurity solutions, announced a technology and go-to-market partnership with Arilou, a leading in-vehicle network security provider for car makers. Combined, Upstream Centralised Connected Car Cybersecurity (C4) technology and Arilou Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDPS) technology will create a fully integrated cybersecurity offering for vehicle OEMs. Upstream Security and Arilou are engaged in joint go-to-market initiatives including joint marketing and demonstration of their integrated solution.

Experts predict that by 2020, 98 percent of new vehicles sold will be shipped connected, with 775 million consumer vehicles expected to be connected via telematics or by in-vehicle apps by 2023 (according to Juniper research 2018). Connectivity enables automotive vendors and smart mobility providers to monetise car data and achieve superior operational results. Consumer experience, vehicle performance efficiency can be improved and new business opportunities can be imagined. At the same time, however, connectivity exposes vehicles to a wide array of risks that never existed before – cyber-threats as well as misuse.

Today’s smart mobility providers face two unique challenges: first, they must secure the internal components and communication within the vehicle and, secondly, they must ensure the security of multiple vehicles, their connectivity and suite of mobility services using them. Now, through this  partnership, Upstream Security and Arilou simultaneously look to resolve these two critical challenges – establishing a true ‘defense in depth’ architecture for connected vehicles.

Upstream and Arilou for in-vehicle network security

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Arilou’s in-vehicle network cyber protection expertise and Upstream’s expertise in cloud-based security creates a best-in-class, next generation security framework for automotive manufacturers scrambling to introduce connectivity-based functions to consumer vehicles. Arilou brings much needed innovation to agent based vehicle security market through its IDPS security approach. Upstream Security, in turn, offers OEMs and mobility providers cloud-based agent-less access to connected car cybersecurity that can be implemented immediately, even for vehicles already on the road. In combination, the solution establishes an end-to-end security framework combining insights from both inside and outside the vehicles, resulting in resiliency and anomaly detection capabilities.

Ziv Levi, co-founder and CEO of Arilou said, “We’re excited to bring together the in-vehicle software IDPS expertise of Arilou and the Automotive Cloud Cybersecurity leadership of Upstream Security in this technology partnership. We found in Upstream a great partner to complete our end-to-end cybersecurity offering for OEMs, and we were impressed with Upstream Security’s innovative approach, product performance and cloud-based solution.”

Yoav Levy, CEO and co-founder of Upstream Security said, “From our engagements with OEM vehicle manufacturers we understand that they are looking for a solution capable of a holistic view and detection of the entire smart mobility ecosystem. By uniting with leaders like Arilou, we are offering OEMs a competitive solution that provides them unmatched security and time-to-market. Furthermore, by delivering a tightly integrated solution, they can rest assured that the consumer focused services they deliver are tightly secured. Ultimately, with Arilou, we’re able to get a solution to market quickly with an agile, innovative and like-minded technology partner with extraordinary automotive experience.”

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