Upgrade to ELGi compressors aid Rubber Resources enhance efficiency

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 18 Jun 2020

Elgi Equipments, the global air compressor manufacturer, with over 2 million installations across 120 countries continues plans to expand its footprint in European market. ELGi Compressors Europe, a subsidiary of ELGi Equipments, completed an upgrade of the compressed air system at the Rubber Resources’ BV manufacturing site in Maastricht, Netherlands.

Rubber Resources – a major player in rubber re-manufacturing in Europe – experienced increased efficiency and lower energy consumption after this upgrade and it also reduced carbon footprint. Chantal Bulten, general manager at Rubber Resources, explained that, “Rubber Resources specialises in the recycling of rubber waste, mainly butyl inner tubes and the treads of heavy vehicle tyres, into a product that can be used again in the production of consumer goods and products for commercial markets. Our mission is the sustainable re-use of rubber thus it is our priority to make our processes, especially our compressed air, as energy efficient as possible. It was therefore an easy decision to replace the existing 180kW compressor with a 110kW Variable Speed ELGi EG Premium Series unit, which resulted in us achieving class leading energy efficiency, reliability, and low maintenance costs with a support network and expertise to match. In addition, ELGi managed to install and commission the installation within 3 weeks after we placed the order as per the contractual agreement.”

Chris Ringlstetter, President, ELGi Europe, said “At ELGi, we realise that energy efficiency is more than a buzzword – it is an operational and socio-economic imperative as well as being market and industry specific. Compressed air in Europe accounts for approximately 10 percent of Europe’s total energy output. Energy savings compliance norms for companies in The Netherlands are quite stringent. ELGi’s EG Series with its built in variable frequency drive, and the lowest power consumption in its class, has proven instrumental in reducing the total energy consumption of Rubber Resources’ 24/7 manufacturing operations.”

The EG Series of oil-lubricated compressors provides high-quality compressed air, even in harsh environment while ensuring minimal downtime. It  incorporates ELGi’s oil-injected screw element technology providing a long and trouble-free life at one of the lowest operating cost as per the company.

The in-built ELGi CONSERVE Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) matches compressor output with demand by varying motor speed – reducing power consumption in line with the reduction in demand.

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