Unifrax’s new anode tech enables higher energy density in lithium-ion batteries

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 03 Mar 2021

USA-based specialty fibres company Unifrax has introduced its latest proprietary technology, SiFAB (Silicon Fiber Anode Battery) Technology. The company says SiFAB is currently in advanced testing after years of research and development, has shown promising performance in multiple battery systems. This anode technology enables significantly higher energy density in lithium-ion battery systems and has successfully been tested with incremental Si loadings of greater than 40 percent.

The company says SiFAB is its first step into silicon fibre for the lithium-ion battery manufacturing market and builds on its deep history of fibre-based technology and manufacturing. It expects production to come online in early 2022 with plans to build thousands of tons of long-term manufacturing capacity.

Chad Cannan, SVP – R&D, Unifrax said: “SiFAB is the latest development from our long-standing tradition of using fibre-based technologies to create step change value for our customers. This is a unique proposition in the market – Unifrax is a large, global manufacturing company introducing game-changing advanced silicon anode materials that can be used in existing manufacturing processes. Our track record and proven ability to develop new and unique technologies will help transform the battery industry with greater energy density, faster charges, and longer lifespans.”

John Dandolph, president and CEO, Unifrax said: “This transformational material presents numerous opportunities throughout the lithium-ion battery ecosystem, with applications spanning personal devices, energy storage, electric vehicles, and the broader industrial market. SiFAB represents another addition to our robust electric vehicle and battery solutions portfolio which includes AGM separator materials, large format lithium-ion glass separators, interstitial thermal runaway barriers, and battery compartment fire protection systems,”


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