Turkey’s Togg to reveal new mobility solution at CES

by Ajit Dalvi 30 Dec 2021

Togg, Turkey’s first home-grown automotive brand, is to debut a high-concept, forward-thinking mobility solution at CES 2022 that brings together advanced electric, autonomous and connected technologies within one design sphere.

Togg says it “will use CES 2022 to not only showcase its forward-thinking technologies and concepts but also announce its arrival on the world stage as the shift to a new era of mobility begins to gather pace.”

Togg’s high-tech concept, called Use-Case Mobility, not only integrates the benefits of electric, autonomous and connected technologies into one eco-system development, it has also been designed to be intelligent, user-centric and even empathetic to users.

Togg’s Use-Case Mobility showpiece and the visionary smart device, will be presented on January 5-8 at CES 2022 in the Las Vegas Convention Center West Hall at Booth #4719. “Having focused our tech and design efforts to develop something that is truly revolutionary, we are now set to unveil Togg’s technology to the world at CES 2022,” said Togg CEO, Gürcan Karakaş. “I am looking forward to intoducing Use-Case Mobility for the first time.”

Togg is also expected to reveal Turkey's first electric SUV as well as an electric sedan at CES 2022. The battery electric SUV is Turkey’s first home-bred vehicle and represents the culmination of Turkey’s progress in industrial technology. It is one of two electric vehicles announced by the automaker, along with a C-sedan concept. Production of the C-SUV, which has been designed by Pininfarina in collaboration with TOGG’s design team, is expected to begin in the fourth quarter of 2022.

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