Trumpf merges its subsidiary SPI Lasers to offer all fibre laser tech under one portfolio

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 02 Dec 2020

German technology company Trumpf has completed the renaming and merger of its wholly-owned fibre laser manufacturing subsidiary SPI Lasers, into the Trumpf group and under the Trumpf brand.

The company says effective November 28, 2020 the UK-based company SPI Lasers UK will now operate under the name Trumpf Laser UK brand, while SPI USA and SPI Korea have been merged with the local companies Trumpf USA and Trumpf Korea, respectively, effective November 1 and December 1, 2020. Trumpf has previously merged the SPI subsidiary in China with Trumpf China back in April 2020. And since July 1, 2020, products from the former SPI Lasers have been available through Trumpf sales channels.

The German company says as a result of the name change and merger, the former SPI Lasers organisation will now work even more closely with Trumpf Laser, also a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Trumpf Group. The two companies are pooling their competence and expertise in laser technology worldwide to create synergies and improve customer service for industrial applications in both disk laser and fibre laser technology.

SPI Lasers UK has been a wholly owned subsidiary of the Trumpf Group since 2008 and is said to quickly establish itself within the group as an expert in the development and manufacture of fibre lasers. In order to be able to offer its industrial customers the best possible beam source for their requirements and applications, backed by the highest levels of service, Trumpf says it has now fully integrated fibre lasers into its global sales and service channels.