TomTom rolls out smartphone-connected satnav for scooters

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 01 Sep 2016


TomTom has developed the world's first scooter smartphone-connected satnav called TomTom VIO, available in Europe.  

Claimed to be highly functional, the VIO makes a strong visual statement. The circular glove-friendly touchscreen device acts as an extension to a connected smartphone, which uses the well-developed app as the brains. No more taking a phone out of the pocket while riding, finally.

The weatherproof display unit offers turn-by-turn navigation both visually and audibly via a Bluetooth helmet audio system. When a call comes in, the display will show a photo of who it is so the rider can take it via the headset while directions remain on the TomTom VIO display.

TomTom's speed camera warning system is built-in. But following the design of the TomTom VIO even these alerts are minimal and attractive. The VIO's speed display changes colour to red warning riders if they are going too fast, and then back to the original colour scheme when travelling within the limit. That means even without directly looking at the VIO the rider is acutely aware of the current speed.


Design detailing continues inside and out on the TomTom VIO with snap-on silicon covers available in six different colours, which can help match up with the scooter. Then, to keep consistency, even the maps can be set to the same colour using one simple touch in the app.

Corinne Vigreux, co-founder and managing director, TomTom Consumer, said: "The innovative new TomTom VIO is game-changer for scooter riders. Not only will it speed up the commute, but gone are the days of fiddling with your mobile at the traffic lights, or wondering who’s calling as you negotiate the traffic. For the first time, riders can explore the urban jungle safely, and confidently, in style."

The TomTom VIO is available from 8 September at Halfords and Amazon and on the TomTom website, priced £149.99 (Rs 14,763). 


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