‘The Pune facility is a major R&D centre in TomTom’s global network.’
by Amit Panday 26 Nov 2017

Alain De Taeye, a member of the Management Board of TomTom, speaks on the key role played by its largest global development centre in Pune, R&D-oriented projects and its handl...

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The annual R&D and Testing Special packs a mean punch across a host of riveting features, crisp interviews and data-filled sales analyses.

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With radar road signatures, automated vehicles can use the map to determine their exact location in a lane down to a few centimetres.

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Autonomos has provided research and development consultancy services for automated vehicle assistance systems and has built up expertise and technolog...

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Smartphone-connected satnav for speed camera alerts, directions and call notifications, all while on a scooter.

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From 2019, all Volvo carlines on SPA and CMA platforms across the globe will be powered by TomTom’s suite of components, both embedded and cloud-based...

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