TomTom introduces two new APIs for electric mobility

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 22 Aug 2019

TomTom, the location technology specialist, today announced the launch of two new APIs (Application Program Interface) for developers to help build applications for electric mobility, The ‘TomTom Long Distance EV Routing API’ and the ‘TomTom EV Charging Stations Availability API’.

TomTom, winner of the TaaS Technology Award 2019 for outstanding electric vehicle technology innovation, offers tools to develop applications for electric vehicle drivers. For example, the ‘TomTom Routing’ API enables calculation of actual reachable range of electric vehicles finds the most energy efficient route – taking into account vehicle and road network characteristics as well as traffic patterns.

The new ‘Long Distance EV Routing API’ allows users to route from A to B beyond one charge. The routing algorithm, specifically designed to optimise travel time, calculates the route including stops to charge, displaying an estimated arrival time that also considers the charging time. The second new API, ‘EV Charging Stations Availability API’, provides information about the availability of the charging stations per plug type, making sure the driver knows before arrival whether a charging point is available for use or not.

Anders Truelsen, managing director, TomTom Enterprise said, “This electric revolution poses new challenges like range anxiety which require a new generation of location technology. TomTom offers developers the perfect toolkit to create innovative and useful location-based services for electric vehicle drivers that will help lift the practical and psychological barriers to wide-scale EV adoption, helping to work towards a world free of emissions.”

Developers can start building for electric mobility with TomTom SDKs and APIs on TomTom’s self-service developer portal.


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