Tesla building car carrier trailers amid “delivery logistics hell”

by Autocar UK 26 Sep 2018

Tesla boss Elon Musk has announced that the company has built its own car transporter trailers amid its difficulty in delivering the Model 3. 

Musk previously tweeted that the brand is in “delivery logistics hell” amid complaints of delayed deliveries from customers awaiting their Model 3s, and took to the social media site again to explain that the company was "running into an extreme shortage of car carrier trailers".

To quell the problem as the end of the third quarter approaches, the company is upgrading its logistics system, including the construction of its own carrier trailers. 

The Tesla CEO has also in the past tweeted that the company was in “production hell” when it encountered bottlenecks in the production process of the Model 3, although these problems have been quelled, with Tesla reporting targets for Model 3 production being hit. 

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